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The Peril of Pride

In the ancient Middle East, there were many myths about powerful monsters and primeval sea creatures. One Canaanite legend told of a sea monster named Rahab who fought against God’s creation of the universe. The word Rahab is Hebrew for both “acting stormily” and “arrogance.” In the same way, the sea creature refused to believe God’s power could be greater than his own, arrogant people believe they can succeed in life solely by their own strength.

The bases for human pride are as much a myth as that sea creature. Physical abilities, IQ, talents, and accomplishments are all God’s gifts. You can add effort to what God has given you, but the basic building blocks are all courtesy of Him.

Basing your life on a myth is terrible enough. However, the most dangerous thing about pride is that it acts like a God-repellent and pushes God away from the center of your life. As God keeps his distance from the proud, his gifts of guidance, wisdom, and comfort move out of reach. While God notices pride right away, you may be unaware of its presence. Ask a close friend if he or she sees evidence of pride in your life. Ask God to help you become more aware of your true motives, and then battle with pride with the truth of who God is. The more you come to know and understand Him, the more accurate a picture you’ll have of yourself, and the more humility will replace pride in your life.

Whenever you feel pride raise it's arrogant noise in your life. Pride will tell you that you were raised yourself up by your own bootstraps, but don’t forget who gave you the boots, the straps, and the strength.

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