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As Long as It Takes

Can't Stop; Won't Stop. That must be your mantra if you are going to accomplish your dreams. Things will get hard and you will have setbacks and delays. People with good intentions will say to you “ it’s ok, you tried your best. That’s all that really matters.” No, it’s not ever OK to give up. You may fail forty times before your dream manifests but don’t give up. You were not given your dreams, gifts, and talents to just try once and stop.

Everything you have dreamed of was put in your heart by God. He didn’t create you just to dream. He created you to accomplish. He wants you to have the desires of your heart. God can bless you with your wildest dreams, but you got to give Him something to work with. You can’t just pray to loose 50 pounds. You got to eat better and exercise. Your dreams aren’t just going fall from the sky into your lap. Your got to work for it. It’s not ok for you to quit. When you quit it’s disrespectful to everyone that ever believed in you. Most importantly is disrespectful to God. He gave you the vision. He gave you the gifts. He gave you the creativity.

To give up is not an option. When people talk about you, keep going. When hard times come, keep moving. When it looks like it won’t work, keep trying. Your strength will come because of the struggle, not because of the absence of it. Failure is part of success. Most successful people have had setbacks, but they didn’t allow those failures to become final. Oprah Winfrey was fired as a news caster, Walt Disney was fired for lack of imagination. Just because it didn’t work the first time you tried, doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen. You may need to change your strategy. Keep the dream change the strategy. If you are looking go get the best strategy for your life, I’m here to help you. Schedule an appointment to get started creating your best life.

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