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Master Plan

You are God’s poem. Just as every literal poem differs in meter, tone, and message, you too have a unique purpose and place in this world.

Before a poet puts pen to paper, he decides what the overall purpose of the poem will be. Then he considers which format and style would work best to convey his message. In the same way, God considers how your unique life and gifts can best make a positive impact on the world. Then God prepares opportunities for you, practical ways you can put his love into action.

However, unlike a literary masterpiece, a living, breathing poem can choose to edit itself. You have the freedom to use these God-given opportunities or to ignore them. What you do, or choose not to do, does not affect your eternal destiny, The more consistently you decide to obey the way God leads you, the deeper your faith and a sense of purpose in this life will be, and the more beautiful and effectual a poem you will become.

Your own effort and creativity play a part in determining the exact nature of the good things you’ll do. However, it’s God’s power working through you as you act that makes your good works great.

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