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Gregory McKinney

I have a passion for people and helping individuals find their greatness. I'm a licensed minister with over fifteen years of experience counseling couples, individuals, and families. I have counseled numerous couples suffering from broken relationships and/or relationships on the verge of divorce. In addition, I have a passion for, as well as provided counsel for individuals battling depression, and emotionally abusive relationships as well as providing guidance for the unmotivated and stuck. I have a wide range of clients within all age groups, ethnicities, and backgrounds. My philosophy is that it doesn’t matter where you came from but where you are trying to go. I have a heart and passion to witness breakthroughs and transformations and have a gift to bring out the best in every client he encounters. 


I have shared my gift and passion for people on many different platforms. On a popular syndicated radio show, KR&B 105.7, Gregory was a producer that later transitioned into a weekly on-air radio personality. Additionally, I have been invited as an inspirational speaker at prominent events and venues such as Texas Southern University, Countrywide Home Loans, Harambee Festival, Raytheon’s cultural awareness event, numerous DFW high schools, and many churches across the states. Life Coaching allows me to take the passion I have of helping people to create long lasting change in their lives. 


My number one goal is to help individuals, couples, and families find meaning and strategic solutions in whatever they are struggling with — whether it be depression, broken relationships, hurtful communication, or defining their purpose and self-awareness, I have the tools to help you overcome it all.  Step by step, one day at a time, I am here for you.  


Mission statement

To reach individuals or groups who feel stuck, and show them how to overcome past hurts, offenses, and misunderstandings. To help each client feel a deeper connection and more satisfaction within their relationships.  To offer methods that give our clients clarity and remove the confusion from their lives. 


As an effective life & relationship coach — To provide healthy communication strategies and relationship-building sessions for individuals, couples, and families.


As a corporate coach & strategic partner — To provide effective staff development tips to better improve the decorum and professional relationship dynamic within corporations and organizational groups.


As an inspirational speaker — To transform and empower the lives of the audience to BE the healthy relationship they desire to have.

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